Center School Helping Hands-344 Sandwiches!!


helping hands logo-1

In the spirit of teaching students about the importance of Community Service, Center School began a yearlong effort this month to feed those in need of assistance.

Center School “Helping Hands” is a school –wide effort to provide students an opportunity to work as grade level teams to make a difference by making sandwiches to help feed the hungry.

Each grade level will be assigned a month and will  meet in the cafeteria before school to make sandwiches with their team. The first effort was a huge success. The 5th graders made 344 sandwiches, which were delivered to Loaves and Fishes in Springfield by parent Amy Nedwed.

Each 5th grader voluntarily donated sandwich meat, cheese, and bread to make sandwiches. Big Y supplied the condiments and gloves and CVS in the Longmeadow Shops supplied the baggies.


Parent Mrs. Amy Nedwed spearheaded and coordinates the Helping Hands effort.  The students came in early and many brought along their siblings from younger grades. They got right to work making the sandwiches and there was a wonderful sprit of excitement and joy as they worked. Several parents came as well to lend a hand.  Amy Nedwed is representative of the special individuals at Center School ; and the effort represents the heart of our community!  Helping Hands will be a powerful learning experience for our students.

Hooray 5th Grade!! Heartfelt thanks to each individual who make efforts such as this a huge success …Together WE Achieve More!






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