Coming Together…Our First Assembly

Each school year we gather  to celebrate the beginning of the school year and to welcome the new members of our community.  Part of my  message to the children was to  remember that they need to look out for one another, be kind , caring, and most especially treat each other the way they want to be treated. I encouraged them to think about ways that they will continue to  make Center School a peaceful and friendly place.

Together we quietly thought about all the people we are connected to in our lives as the teachers helped the children pass red thread amongst the school community as a reminder of how important each one of us is to one another-and how special these connections truly are in our lives.

Waves to welcome our new friends!


Ms. Drysdale leading the community in song: This School is Your School to the tune of This Land is Your Land.

2 thoughts on “Coming Together…Our First Assembly

  1. Melissa Cybulski

    Love reading your blog posts, Mrs. Hutton! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of how our little ones are spending their days.

  2. Krista O'Shea

    Ditto what Melissa said! It’s so nice to get a little glimpse into their world at school! I love the idea with the red thread of destiny. Very clever! Such a great book and important lesson!

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