Day 180…First Day of Summer… Last Day Assembly

The joyful assembly on the 180th and last day of school is always a special event. The school community celebrates the accomplishments of our 5th grade graduates as well as honor and remember  three very special Center School children by presenting awards to chosen members of  the graduating class in the children’s memory.   The entire staff nominates students and then votes for  the deserving  recipients of each award.

The Matthew Long Citizenship Award is given to a 5th grader who exemplifies outstanding citizenship and contribution to his/ her school community. Matthew Long was a responsible and thoughtful boy who went out of his way to help others. The recipient of the Matthew Long Citizenship Award is Mary M.

The Molly McAvoy  “Yes I Can!” Award is given to a student who exemplifies Molly’s courageous and persistent spirit.  Despite many obstacles and health issues, Molly is remembered as a lovely caring child who never lost her joy for life. Our Art Room is named for Molly and there is a beautiful exhibit of her work in the area outside the art room. The recipient of the Molly McAvoy  Award is Bridget D..

The Christina Prankus Friendship Award is presented to a 5th grader who demonstrates friendship and caring to everyone in the school community. Christina is remembered as a second grader who was gentle, thoughtful, and loving. Our library has books on friendship in Christina’s memory. The recipient of the Christina Prankus Award is Lauren W.

It’s moving and extraordinarily special to  have the Long, McAvoy, and Prankus Families join us to honor their children and celebrate the  accomplishments of the recipients!  Congratulations to these special young ladies!

Bridget D. with Molly McAvoy’s sister Kayla and father Brian.
Lauren with Mr. & Mrs. Prankus
  Mary with Mr. & Mrs. Long

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