One Book, One Community: And the summer read is….

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon!

A copy of the novel and a copy of the following letter will be sent home to  families across the district Monday June 18th:

We hope you are as excited to read as we are to recommend the 2010 Newbery Honor Book Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin, this summer’s One Book, One Community selection.  For those of you who are new to Longmeadow, the purpose of this activity is to promote reading and to foster a sense of community among the three elementary schools.

We do recognize that this novel by Grace Lin is filled with rich language and complex themes and therefore recommend that you spend time as a family reading the book.  There is certain to be lively discussion throughout Minli’s journey.  For those of you with younger children, feel free to read ahead and paraphrase as you see fit.

Grace Lin has created an excellent website filled with extension activities for her novel.  If time allows please visit:

From this website we have chosen one required summer activity.  We ask that your child (children) draw a dragon.  As Grace Lin states, Minli’s dear friend Dragon, began as a drawing so lifelike that when his eyes were painted he burst off the paper and ran into the forest.  Please use what details you have read in Where the Mountain Meets the Moon to draw a dragon of your own. If you need help getting started with your dragon, please refer to the website above.  The activity is Drawing Dragons Into Life.

Upon our return to school in late August, we are planning to use another of Grace Lin’s activities, Follow the Red Threads and Map Your Connection.  We would ask that over the summer you collect some photos of family and friends that your child could bring to school by the second day.

We had hoped to have Grace Lin visit all of our schools in the fall.  However, we have recently learned that she has just welcomed a new baby. We are in the process of scheduling a visit with Ms. Lin in the Spring of 2013.

If you misplace any of the packet or need an extra copy of the information, please go to your school or the district website ( and click under the link: “One Book, One Community”.  There you will also find the link to Grace Lin’s website and activities.

We hope you have an enjoyable and safe summer. Remember, all staff will be reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon as well.

May your journeys this summer be as exciting as Minli’s!


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