Looking ahead…Class Placements 2012-2013

Class placement meetings for the next school year will begin this month and continue throughout the month of June.  The placement teams strive to meet the learning needs of all students through classroom placements.

FAQs Student Placement:

What is considered when forming classes?

Consideration of the following,  although not an exhaustive list:

  • Ratio of girls to boys;
  • A balance of achievement  levels;
  • Behavior factors regarding students;
  • Compatibility of students  with each other;
  • Recommendations of past and present teachers, support staff, principal.
  • Social and emotional  needs of students;
  • Work habits of  and energy level of students;
  • Learning styles of  students.

Who will form the class lists for next year?

The person who knows your child best is usually her/his classroom teacher. She is the key member of the team along with other grade level teachers. Teachers consult with team members including: School Principal; School Adjustment Counselor; Reading Specialist; Math Specialist; Special Education teachers; Speech and Language Therapists.  Special subject area teachers are also asked for feedback. 

When will I know my child’s classroom assignment for next year?

The assignment will not be named on the report card in June. Assignments will be posted in August. You will receive information with a specific date of the posting late June.

What if I prefer that my child have a specific teacher?

We respectfully ask that you trust the school team to determine the best placement for your child. We will not honor requests for specific teachers. We also request that you not place your child’s current teacher in an awkward or unprofessional position by asking her to comment on teachers in the next grade. We also suggest that you not form opinions about teachers based on what you have heard. Each classroom is as unique as each child, and an experience that parents may have had with their child in a class may be totally different from what your child may have in the very same classroom.

Very Important question: Do parents have input in the process?

YES. Your input began this year with your relationship with your child’s teacher. You provide insights and expertise about your child at conferences and through ongoing communications with your child’s teacher. You are invited to provide additional input by completing the Class Placement Parent Input Form. This form was sent home with your child last week.

The classroom placement meetings are time consuming and thoughtful meetings. Center School teachers and support staff strive to build learning environments that will support the diverse needs of our students. A “balanced” group of learners helps us achieve our goal of optimal   growth and development for each child both socially and academically. The  Principal has final approval over the class lists.



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