WoW Express

If you’re curious about the 28 ft. trailer parked on the playground, it’s the Watershed on Wheels (WoW) Express, which is a unique traveling exhibit developed by the Silvio O. Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge , which encompasses the entire Connecticut River watershed.

The traveling exhibit will show our 4th and 5th graders how to “do something little and be part of something big” to protect the Connecticut River and its many assets.

 Here’s what they’ll see:

The Habitat Immersion Trailer simulates the sights, sounds, and smells of local habitats at night.Walking inside, students encounter soft darkness. As their eyes adjust, they see a marsh, a vernal pool, a forest, and a suburban neighborhood, along with models of animals that represent the great diversity of life found in these habitats.

Exhibit Kiosks, each with four display panels, contain narratives, games, 3-D models, and computer screens that invite students to explore such topics as migration, habitats, environmental issues, and actions people can take to improve the Connecticut River.

The Interactive Watershed Table features an aerial photograph of the Connecticut River Watershed and uses push buttons and lights to show some of the many facets of this four-state watershed, which extends 410 miles from Canada to Long Island Sound.

Here’s a great link to explore with your children:

We hope to continue this next year and have all  grades participate. Thanks to our PTO , especially Ellen Donnelly and Liz Bone for this great find!

Did folks see the hawk perched high atop the tree on the edge of the green at pick up? Students caught a glimpse and then it became the focus. Sorry for the slow carline …  although it was worth the delay!




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