Arbor Day 2012

A tradition in 4th grade is the celebration of Arbor Day. Students read and write poems, sing “God Bless America” , and welcome Marion Dasco and Marilynn Sutton from the Longmeadow Gardeners. The gardeners share seedlings with the students. Thank-you to our 4th grade team for celebrating the importance of trees and nature in our lives.

Here is a poem by 4th grader Sally G.:

I sit in the shade of an old willow tree

Watching a busy bumble bee

Oh what a fool I must be

To sit beneath this willow tree

I pull myself to an ancient limb

And gently sway as I hum a hymn

To end the day

And watch the sun slowly fade away.

                                Arbor Day

                   By Bridgette M. and Caitlin B.

I lay in a pile of golden brown leaves,

as the morning air flows around me. I think about

life without glorious trees, no beautiful scenery and no air to breathe.

As I listen to the rustling trees above, I fall in love with its enrichment of sound.

The earth depends on the trees, I know I sure do, and if you give them a chance, then you will too.

As the trees shed their leaves, in their very own way, it is almost to say…

Happy Arbor Day!


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