Curriculum Happenings: Literacy Collaborative

Teachers and administrators across all three elementary schools are receiving ongoing professional development in literacy with Lesley University. You will hear increasingly more about the Literacy Collaborative.  Literacy Collaborative is a comprehensive school reform designed to improve reading, writing and language skills of students. It’s grounded in current research on instructional practices that are considered the best in the field of literacy and meet the rigorous standards put forth by the MA Common Core Standards in English Language Arts.

I attended leadership training in February with Wolf Swamp Principal Neil Gile, which was led by nationally acclaimed literacy expert Irene Fountas. She and her colleague Gay Pinnell co-authored several books on literacy which teachers are studying during our ongoing professional development. What is especially effective about this instructional model is that it parallels the mission and goals of our district, which is to assure that all students achieve  high levels of learning and that their school world is filled with authentic and challenging literacy activities.

There’s a literacy leadership team from each elementary school attending a three day training this week at Lesley University in Cambridge.  I’ll join Amy Brydges, Karen Palazzi, Lynne Doyle, Julia Longo, and Catherine Grant  Monday through Wednesday for the conference that will build our knowledge and enhance our capacity to implement this effective instructional model. Another team will be trained in the fall.

To learn more about this model visit:  (Note that this is a long-term  plan with ongoing professional development and teachers will implement components of the model in stages.)

Neil Gile, Cindy Downend, Dr. Irene Fountas, Donna Hutton at Leadership Conference. District administrators from across the country attended including teams from California.

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