Spring conferences provide an opportunity for you to find out more about your child’s learning and development for this school year. We hold a student-focused philosophy that you’ll find inherent in the structure of parent teacher conferences. You’ll hear how the teacher is working to support your child’s engagement and learning.  Our families’ perspectives are essential, so please consider your goals for your child prior to the conference as well as specific questions and concerns you’d like addressed. We know that when parents and teachers work to create consistent messages about learning across home and school that we increase the probability that students will perform their best.  I trust you’ll find your time with your child’s teacher invaluable and informative.

Some thoughts for a collaborative conference:

  •   Listen to one another’s perspective.
  •  Share information to co-construct understandings.
  •   Respect the skills and knowledge of each other by asking for opinions and ideas.
  •   Plan together and make decisions that address the needs of the student
  •   Refrain from finding fault – no problematic individuals; rather a problematic situation that requires our attention.
  •  Celebrate  successes!

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