China 2011

As communities struggled to endure the historic October storm, I prepared for a trip of a lifetime to China.    I left with angst especially after visiting the warming center at our school and seeing the destruction in town. My hometown community of Belchertown was hit especially hard as well;   I packed my suitcases wrapped in winter layers and  flashlight in hand. (The most telling signage I saw  simply said “TRICK”).

Marie Pratt, Principal at Blueberry Hill School and I traveled with 400  administrators from across the country as members of the Chinese Bridge Delegation.  The program is sponsored by the College Board and delegates are guests of Hanban/ Confucius Institute.

The highlight of the trip was visits to Chinese k through 12 schools in Beijing and Harbin where we observed classes and met Chinese educators. We experienced the history and culture of the Chinese people with visits to the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City.  Our welcome from our Chinese hosts was humbling and at times astounding.  I prepared a presentation for our school community, which I will share at each grade level. I hope to  present at an upcoming PTO meeting too.

To read more about Chinese education visit:


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